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Welcome to Scotland’s Lowland Canals Services List

This services list has been compiled in collaboration with Scottish Canals and the boaters who use the Forth & Clyde and the Union Canals. The list will remain a live document which can be added to or have services taken away if they no longer exist. If you use a service you wish to be added, please send, along with the service providers contact information to Each service on this list has been checked as being live and solvent.

All of Scottish Canals facilities including toilets, showering facilities, fueling points, pump outs, slipways and many more can be found along with the relevant phone numbers to call, on the following document.

The Forth and Clyde Skippers Guide

Bookings for fuel and pump outs should be made through the Boat Movements Phone number 07810794467


Police, Fire and Ambulance services : 999

Non emergency : 101

National Health Service : 111

The LCA does not endorse any of the companies providing services, nor does it guarantee, or accept any liability for any work carried out. Liability is on the user if they choose to use any of the services on the list.

Drydocks and other Facilities

Printing services and Signage

Boat Repairs, Maintenance & Fitting Out


Boat Safety Certification

Marine Gas Safe Installation, Inspection and Certification


Boat covers, Sails, LED lighting and Flooring

Fuel suppliers

Commercial and Charities

Food and Drink along canal corridor