LCA Constitution

10/10/2017 revised 6/2/19

1. Items available for reference.

(i) Articles of Association of the IWA;

(ii) the Constitution of the Residential Boat Owners Association (RBOA)

(iii) details of membership (including fees) and office bearers of the Forth and Clyde Canal Society;

(iv) the amended RYA constitution.

2. Representation and areas of influence.

The group aims to represent and support all inland waterways users. Membership is drawn from transit users, tourist/holiday boaters, long-term leisure craft, live-aboard boaters, voluntary groups and businesses based on or alongside the canals.

3. Objectives.

The group aims to:

(i) Act as a watchdog campaigning on behalf of all of its members as well as other interested Groups to ensure that the management and governance of the Scottish inland waterways is fair, transparent and efficient;

(ii) Work with all relevant organisations (particularly Scottish Canals, local and national government) to keep the waterways’ infrastructure well maintained, clear and accessible to all;

(iii) Campaign for direct involvement of members in all decisions affecting their lives and activities on the waterways.

(iv) Promote the need for more and better facilities for waterways users, including moorings, services for boaters, security of moorings and tenure;

(v) Continue to give social and educational support to communities on and beside the canals through events, communications and involvement with relevant organisations. Social inclusion is an important remit of this Group.

(vi) Increase the number of Boaters on the Lowland Canals.

4. Value Proposition.

Membership provides advantages and benefits for members.

5. Communications and promotion.

A range of communications methods for members are being used by the group e.g. email, leaflets, phone contacts, newsletters, face to face meetings, teleconferences and social media. Communication outside the group use additional methods including formal letters, petitions, and articles to the press, radio and TV (as appropriate to the purpose). A code of conduct will be drafted and issued to all joining members to ensure appropriate and courteous communications within and outside of the Group.

6. Type of entity.

The group is constituted to represent interested parties of the Lowland canals.

7. Membership and membership fees.

Membership should be open to all who support the objectives of the group, regardless of where they are based and whether or not they own a boat or are active on the Scottish waterways.

Membership type and fees are based on those of the Forth and Clyde Canal Society, i.e.

(i) Individual £20

(ii) Family £25

(iii) Corporate £35

(iv) Associate/OAP/ student/unemployed £12

(v) Family Concession £20

8. Group constitution.

The business of the group is managed by a Committee , the members of which are elected by the membership.

The Committee is made of 4 Officers, 3 Committee chairs (see below) and 2 ordinary members. The committees chairs may appoint members to serve on these. Committees can include non committee members and any non-member with relevant skills and knowledge. Committees report to the Group.

Committee Chairs;

Chair (Christine Cameron),

Vice Chair (Robin Fryers)

Honorary Secretary (Pierre Potel)

Treasurer (Bev Schofield)

Communications Officer (TBA)

Navigation and Safety Committee (Chrisy Southgate)

Governance & Legal Committee (Christine Cameron)

Commercial Committee (Sean McNamara)

Ordinary members;

Don Williams

Ania Neisser

9. Constitution / Articles of Association references.

The Constitution of the RBOA (amended as appropriate for this group) was preferred, being clear, complete and concise. The constitution has a code of conduct included in it’s format.

10. Election of Committees chairs.

In consultation with existing active members of the group, names can be put forward and individuals approached to sound out if they are willing to serve. Candidates will then be proposed and seconded.

11. Data.

Personal data will only be processed for domestic and leisure use.