Lowlands Canals Association

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Welcome to the Lowland Canals Association website.

Our mission statement:

“The aim of this Association is to promote the interests and well-being of boaters and other users of the lowland canals….

It will liaise with stakeholders of the lowland canals in order to pursue common goals and actions in a collaborative manner.”

“It will work closely with Scottish Canals, Scottish Local Authorities and the Scottish Government to represent the Canal users to ensure that all efforts are being made to maintain the best possible standards in regards of navigation, facilities and safety.”

We aim to increase the number of users navigating and living harmoniously and safely on those canals.

The LCA will also act as a watchdog on the Lowland Canals regarding pricing, policies and operational matters. This is in order to maintain fair and safe systems for its water based users.

You can find out more by viewing the LCA constitution page.

If you wish to join the LCA please visit our Membership page.