LCA Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct will apply to all members and committee members who are associated with the Lowland Canals Association or the LCA for short.

Ethical Principles and Core Values

The following is a list of the LCA core beliefs and values.

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Trustworthiness
  • Respect for others
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Obedience to the law
  • Empathy
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment to the code

Decision Making and the Code of Conduct

When making any decisions on behalf of the LCA, the following questions should be addressed.

  • Is it legal?
  • Does it comply with the code?
  • Does it reflect the values and ethics of the LCA.?
  • Does it respect the rights of others?

Reporting/Speaking Up

The LCA encourages all members to ask questions and raise issues without fear of retaliation and is committed to treating reports seriously. Two independent committee members will be appointed to carry out a thorough investigation of any complaint and report on their findings.

Members must report suspected unethical, illegal or suspicious behaviour immediately. The LCA committee does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who makes a good faith report of suspected misconduct or otherwise assists with an investigation or audit.

To report a concern:

  • File a complaint online at
  • If preferred, a confidential or anonymous letter can be sent to Christine Cameron, the Chairperson at 1 Ashcroft Walk, Lennoxtown, Glasgow, G66 7EW, or Robin Fryer, the Vicechairperson at  ‘Steinwey’ Causewayend Basin, Linlithgow, EH49 6LW. but it should contain sufficient information to enable the issue to be properly investigated.

No Retaliation

Members who report a concern in good faith will not be subjected to any adverse action including:

  • Bullying and harassment, either in person or online
  • Exclusionary behaviour
  • Any other behaviour that singles out the person unfairly


Treat all fellow members, and other stakeholders with dignity and respect at all times.

Any type of harassment, including physical, sexual, verbal or other, is prohibited and will result in an investigation which can include action up to, and including, termination of membership.

Harassment can include actions, language, written words or objects that create an intimidating or hostile environment, such as:

  • Yelling at or humiliating someone
  • Physical violence or intimidation
  • Unwanted sexual advances, invitations or comments
  • Physical conduct including assault or unwanted touching


The LCA are committed to ensuring that our members, and any third parties we deal with are treated in a respectful environment that is free of bullying. Bullying can include:

  • Spreading malicious rumour or gossip
  • Excluding or isolating someone socially
  • Withholding necessary information or purposefully giving the wrong information
  • Intimidating someone
  • Sending offensive jokes or emails
  • Criticizing or belittling someone constantly

External Communication on Behalf of the LCA

Only the LCA chairperson, is authorized to represent the LCA to media and/or legal authorities.

LCA members should if possible, request permission from the LCA committee chairperson or secretary before speaking to media or legal authorities on behalf of the LCA.


The LCA and its committee members maintain the confidentiality of all proprietary information. Proprietary information includes all non-public information that might be harmful to the LCA and its members and stakeholders if disclosed.

Confidential information can include:

  • Customer lists
  • Financial statements
  • Plans and strategies
  • Any other information that could damage the LCA or its stakeholders if it was disclosed


The LCA will comply with the requirements of the country’s and international privacy laws. All Committee members sign an agreement that contains provisions for information confidentiality and non-disclosure.

The LCA and its members do not disclose any private or personal information about:

  • Members
  • Stakeholders

LCA committee members will keep all information stored in their email database confidential and store it only for as long as it is needed for the purpose for which it was collected.

When providing personal information to third parties, LCA committee members limit access to only those with approved access for the information.

LCA committee members and all other LCA members are required to report any breaches of privacy, including the loss, theft of or unauthorized access to personal information, to the LCA committee who can be contacted on

Record Keeping

All documents, databases, mobile device messages, computer documents, files and photos are records.

LCA committee members are required to:

  • maintain these records and protect their integrity for as long as required
  • maintain official record keeping systems to retain and file records required for legal, financial, or archival purposes

LCA committee members should never destroy documents in response to, or in anticipation of, an investigation or audit.

Use of Social Media

The LCA respects the right of members to use social media for personal and professional purposes.

LCA members are responsible for complying with LCA policies and procedures when communicating on social media. LCA members are accountable for any information they publish online.

LCA members are required to:

  • Reveal their relationship with the LCA when commenting online on issues related to the LCA
  • Respect the privacy of other LCA members and refrain from publishing photos of them without their consent
  • Ensure any information they post related to the LCA is accurate
  • Comply with the rules of the social media sites they use

LCA members must not:

  • “Pretext”, or pretend to be someone they are not online
  • Speak on behalf of the LCA if they are not expressly authorized to do so
  • Share confidential information about the LCA, its members and stakeholders.
  • Post comments or pictures that could harm the LCA, its reputation or any other interests.

Code of Conduct Acknowledgement

By certifying to the LCA code of conduct, you acknowledge that:

  • You have read the entire code of conduct and understand your responsibilities related to it.
  • You have had the opportunity to ask questions to clarify any unclear aspects of the code.
  • You agree to abide by its principles.
  • You agree to report to the LCA any violations of the code.
  • You agree to cooperate in any investigations of violations of the code.