Privacy Policy

Who we are

We are the Lowland Canals Association. Whose purpose is to promote the interests and well-being of boaters and other users of the lowland canals

You can contact us at for all general inquiries, but please use our data controller contact details for all data protection and privacy (including GDPR) communications.

How we handle your personal information

We take the privacy and data, of our members and visitors, very seriously.  We only collect and keep personal data where necessary in order to administer membership and communicate effectively with our members. We only keep that data for the duration of membership unless otherwise, explicitly authorised by the user to do so.

If you have expressly agreed that we do so, we may also hold information about you in order to keep in contact with you and provide relevant information you have expressed an interest in.

Each person authorised to hold and process personal data is required to sign a declaration that they will comply and enforce all tenets of this privacy statement.

How we hold your data

Your data may be held in a number of formats.

On paper

We may hold lists of members on paper for statistical and administrative purposes. This data will only be held and utilised by officers of the Association for administration, statistical analysis and strategic planning purposes. It is the duty of these officers to maintain the security and privacy of this data. This includes ensuring that the data is not made available to 3rd parties and is only used for the purposes and in the spirit in which the data has been provided

On computer

We may capture membership, survey and contact data.

Data may be stored electronically in a number of places including but not limited to databases, spreadsheets, electronic documents, PDFs, presentations. This data will not be made visible or shared with 3rd parties or non-authorised (officers) of the association. Where data is made visible e.g. in presentations, communications etc. the association will ensure that all data communicated is anonymous.

We may also hold personal data for accounting purposes when you make payments to the Association for membership, services and goods.

Where our websites run

Our websites are currently hosted at the LCN Datacentre at
Stevenage, Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom

We use cookies

We use cookies on our websites in order to make sure we provide you with correct information and that information is passed from page to page as you navigate our site.  We do not retain cookie data but cookies may be retained on your own computer until you close your web browsers.For more information on how we use cookies please see our cookies policy

Who do we share your data with

We never share your data with other third parties and certainly would never sell your data to a third party.

Subject Access Requests

You can contact us to ask what personal information we hold about you or to correct any personal information you think we hold that may be incorrect.

If you file a subject access request, we may require proof of identity from you to verify that you are who you say you are. This information will be retained only for as long as it takes to respond to the subject access request and will be promptly deleted.

Once positively identified we will provide

  • confirmation that we are processing your personal data;
  • a copy of your personal data*; and
  • other supplementary information – which may be in the form of this privacy policy.

*In some cases the we may hold information about you that is subject to security restrictions.  For example, we may be unable to release information where you are identified in confidential documents from organisations such as, but not restricted to, the Scottish Government, Scottish Canals, Council departments.

We will respond to a subject access request within a period of one month.

To submit a subject access request please email with the subject line “subject access request” and your details.

Alternatively you can send your request to our data controller contact details 

Please note that we may make a charge for the administrative costs of complying with the request, if we believe a request is manifestly unfounded or excessive.

If you request further copies of your data following a request we will also make an administration charge.,

Contacting You

From time to time we may want to contact you.

In general we will seek your specific agreement to be contacted.

There are some circumstances however, where we will contact you without explicit consent.

  • If we need to contact you about your memnbership or where we need to contact you for Association constitutionals matters (e.g AGMs, voting, officer elections etc.)

In all cases where we contact you by email as part of a general mailing, we will provide you with a simple mechanism to unsubscribe from such mailings. Alternatively send a request to our data controller contact details.


What is Sensitive Personal Data?

Sensitive personal data is defined as and information concerning an individual’s:

  • Racial or ethnic origin
  • Political opinions
  • Religious or philosophical beliefs
  • Trade union membership
  • Health data
  • ex life or sexual orientation
  • Past or spent convictions

See the ICO page on special category data for more information

What is the cloud?

The cloud is a term that is often used instead of the internet.  In the case of holding data there are a number of organisations that provide the ability to securely hold data on behalf of customers and allow the sharing of that data between authorised users.

Contacting us about privacy/security/data protection

You can email:

You can write to:

The Data Controller
Lowland Canals Association
32 Baird Road
EH28 8RA